Bet Like A Lady
Sports Betting
Hannah Vanbiber

A Tale of Two $10K Parlays

Hannah recalls two different crazy parlays for $10K in winnings, and how one of them actually hit all 14 legs.

Betting responsibly
Sports Betting
Hannah Vanbiber

Cool Girls Bet Responsibly

Our columnist shares the best tips for keeping sports betting fun, and avoiding the pitfalls of problem gambling.

Baseball balls
Sports Betting
Jenny Paulson

How MLB Rule Changes Are Impacting Betting

The MLB pitch clock has changed the game of baseball thus far. What we have seen this season is entirely different than the years pastm,

Football Stadium
Betting Tips
Hannah Vanbiber

So What Can You Bet On, Anyways?

Our columnist Hannah breaks down the different types of bets you can make and which sports have legal betting. (Plus discussing the best sports betting/con


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