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Cassie Brickman: “Women want education and access”

This week we had a lovely chat with Cassie Brickman, CEO of Betting Hero, about the rise of women's sports, and the future of gaming. Cassie gave us some tips for beginner bettors, along with her perspectives on women's preferences in the industry.

About: Cassie Brickman is CEO of Betting Hero, the leading live activation company for sports betting, iGaming, and cashless operators. Through its three complementary business units—Betting Hero Activation, Betting Hero Research, and Betting Hero Digital — Betting Hero helps operators acquire, retain, and develop customers at scale.

Prior to joining Betting Hero, Cassie was a lead producer and executive in corporate and experiential production. She earned her B.A. in Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and lives in Iowa with her son and husband.

You’ve had a successful career in the gaming and casino industry (congratulations!). What initially drew you to this industry?

Cassie: My entire career has revolved around the sports and entertainment industry. I have met some of the most talented people in the industry and have been exposed to a ton of different opportunities.  When a former, well-respected colleague reached out about an opportunity in the sports betting and iGaming industry, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.  The innovation and growth potential are two things that drew me initially, not to mention the people.  As I had the opportunity to get to know the Betting Hero team, I knew Betting Hero was the place for me within the industry.  The team takes chances, works smart, is genuine, and thinks differently to capitalize on opportunities in the industry.  

Can you share how you built the team and offerings?

Cassie: People are definitely the secret to our success. We (I can’t take all the credit) have done a good job of recruiting people with diverse backgrounds who can bring unique perspectives and diverse strategic thinking to the table. It is critical to have a virtual bench, and I truly believe in investing in the right people for our bus, even if there isn’t a perfect fit at the time.  

At Betting Hero, our motto is ” Everyone Puts The Shirt On.” There is no better way to learn and improve customer acquisition, development, and retention.  

Our people, diverse thinking, and hands-on approach have really helped us build our successful offerings and continue to lead us to new ideas and opportunities.  

The interest and investment in women’s sports have grown significantly in the last few years. What do you think is driving this? At the same time, women players could be earning more. What needs to happen to further increase viewership, sponsorships, and subsequently salaries in the women’s sports arena?

Cassie: Caitlin Clark, says a girl who lives in Iowa!  In all seriousness, it is a combination of so many things—first, the talent. So many incredible college and professional athletes are changing the playing field for women players.  They are gaining the attention of fans and the media, which is getting exposure for not only them but their teammates, their universities, and their communities.  Second, women do an exceptional job of connecting with the fans, the media, and the community, accelerating loyalty across channels and translating into assets that can be monetized.  Third, NIL deals are factoring into the interest and the investment.  Companies are interested in talented people who are well-respected and who represent their brands in a professional manner. These deals are helping female athletes financially and with exposure.  Fourth, the numbers speak for themselves: an average of 13.8 million viewers during the women’s Final Four is no joke. This volume gains the attention of networks, investors, sponsors, and fans.  

Although there is still a significant salary gap in the women’s sports arena, things are getting better, and I believe it will level out even further.  The reality is that the more revenue your sport generates, the more you will get paid.  I think there is a balance between sustaining profitability in a league so it can continue for generations to come and closing the salary gap.  Don’t get me wrong, I 100% believe that women deserve just as much as men, and in time we will get there. I just want to be sure we do it in a way that will ensure sustainability for future generations.  In the meantime, individual players and teams will pave the way with unique sponsorship and NIL deals to bridge the gap between men and women!  

What do you think is missing from the sports and sports gambling industry today? Where do you see the biggest gaps?

Cassie:  In the sports gambling industry, diversity hands down!  I was at a conference recently with about 100 people, and there were four women in the room.  It isn’t just about gender or race but about unique experiences and perspectives that will continue to accelerate this industry and set us apart from other industries.  

In the sports industry specifically, without question, we need more innovation to keep fans engaged.  Our friend, Jesse Cole, saw the need and is leading the charge with the Savannah Bananas.  He thought outside the box, figured out how to take a long, drawn-out game that fans were losing interest in, and created the fastest and most entertaining game of baseball. He has a waitlist of over 2 million fans who are eager to see a game in person.  He thought creatively, took a lot of risks, and put the fans first.  

What is 1 (or 3) book (s) that all women should read?

Cassie: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis – I love a book that tells you how it is, and that translates to real life! We are good enough, and we will start today!!!! 

What is your betting style? Do you have a strategy that you follow? And what betting tips do you have for those who are starting out?

Cassie: I tend to bet on games and players I have a personal interest in, which probably isn’t the smartest way to bet. It is all about having fun, and it creates another avenue of competition for me as I watch my favorite games or players. Player prop bets are some of my favorites.  

For those just starting out, don’t be afraid to ask questions and try small, low-risk bets as you learn the landscapes.  Try different operator mobile apps as well.  They all have a little something different to offer, and something might resonate with you more.  Use resources like and for support and insights and to get connected.  

Looking ahead, what excites you the most about the future of gaming?

Cassie:  I think it’s the fact that the opportunities are endless.  Industry trends are constantly evolving, and right now, we have a huge opportunity with customer retention, development, and acquisition. In addition, AI is also going to change the way we think about the industry as a whole.  Betting insights, avenues for acquisition, and ways to educate and serve customers will all change as AI continues to evolve. There is still so much growth to be had in the industry.    

What do women want (in sports betting and Igaming)?

Cassie: Education and access.  Sports betting and iGaming are confusing for the general consumer, and most people are intimidated by asking questions. Outside of asking questions, consumers need help finding educational resources, especially beginners.  At Betting Hero, that is one of the things we pride ourselves on educating consumers and customer service, which go hand in hand.  Our heroes in the field talk to everyone and help so many consumers, including women, make their first best, understand a spread, and even dabble with a Parlay. Betting Ladies are paving the way to this access and education as well, which is inspiring and industry-changing for the better/bettor 🙂 



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