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Claudia Bellofatto: “I Am Sick of the Phrase: A Male-Dominated Industry”

Claudia Bellofatto's remarkable career journey offers a unique perspective on what it means to be your sports betting BFF!
Clauda Bellofatto

How do you engage with fans? Why is it wrong to define the sports betting industry as a “male-dominated” world? This week we sat down with Claudia Bellofatto to understand her perspective on engaging with fans, what it means to be a female sports betting analyst and if it really makes a difference (spoiler alert: it shouldn’t!)

About: Claudia Bellofatto is an on-air talent, currently in the role of a sports betting analyst at New England Sports Network. She provides insight on two daily shows as well as pregame hits for the Bruins and Red Sox. She came to NESN from WynnBET sportsbook in Vegas where she was an on-air host and ambassador. The Boston native has also served as a betting analyst for MLB Network, NBC Sports Boston and MSG Network. 

You’ve had an impressive career journey, transitioning from on-air hosting at WynnBET Sportsbook to NESN. What inspired this shift, and what are you most excited about in this role?

Claudia Bellofatto

Claudia: I never in a million years thought I’d move to Vegas to pursue a career as a talent in the betting space. When I got the opportunity though, I knew that there was no better place to be and no time to waste before betting media took off. I’m so glad I did that, as it helped to solidify my brand in the space and prepare me for the role of being a full time analyst at NESN. Boston is where I grew up, so moving home to have my own daily show was a no brainer. The most exciting part of the move was that I was going from a host to an analyst — a true indicator of my growth over the years. 

You’ve worked as a betting analyst for prominent networks like MLB Network, NBC Sports Boston, and MSG Network. How has your experience in this role influenced your perspective on sports betting?

Claudia: Taking on the role of an analyst for major national networks is very intimidating. At first I was overwhelmed with nerves of messing up or not getting a bet right — but that quickly disappeared. Everyone messes up — it’s all about how you bounce back. With betting specifically — as long as I put the time into my research and back up my play with “the why”, I am doing my job. Everyone loses bets! Even the best of the best are only right about 50% of the time!  

With your background in broadcast journalism and betting analysis, how do you see the landscape of sports broadcasting evolving, especially in relation to sports betting integration?

Claudia: I think we are really just touching the surface of what betting can do for the sports landscape. Already you see it intertwined in everyday broadcasts. I think soon you won’t be able to watch a game without betting lines mentioned or shown on graphics. I also think we will see more live betting integration — which will open up a whole new way at watching and enjoying games for fans. For broadcasters, it presents a new challenge and a new way to talk about the game outside of the basics. 

What do you find most fulfilling about engaging with fans in live settings, and how does that experience inform your work on camera?

Claudia: Some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten is from viewers saying watching my show is one of their best parts of the day. Of course I work hard and it’s nice to hear that the hard work is paying off — but the most fufulling is knowing that the viewers can feel a connection to me. My goal is to feel like a friend, not an analyst on the TV! 

Do you have a favorite sport to analyze or report on?

Claudia: I grew up playing basketball, so I always enjoy watching and getting to breakdown those games. Truly though, I find every sport has its own interesting aspect. I love how many stats you can dig into with baseball, how fast paced the game of hockey is, and how football can be so unpredictable. I even started working with Premier Lacrosse League this past year and love how that sport is played as well. Rugby, MMA, golf, soccer — I truly enjoy all of it! I like the challenge of taking on new or unpopular sports. Baseball is probably my favorite though — I love the different betting markets you can get into and just the game itself! 

Are there any particular stories or athletes that have resonated with you recently?

Claudia: I can’t get enough of Brock Purdy’s story. While I was never necessarily the “last pick” in my field, I definitely faced early rejection and was told I wouldn’t ever make it on TV to the extent I already have at just 27 years old. Purdy never saw his Mr.Irrelevant title as a hindrance — he saw it as an opportunity. He only ever worked harder, never made excuses, and stayed true to who he was. That’s exactly what I tried to do and think I have done as I navigated this industry. 

Can you suggest 1/3 books that had an impact on your life?

Claudia: Outliers was probably one of my more impactful reads. It opens up your mind to how to view success in a different way. It emphasizes the importance of hard work but also focuses on the different factors that affect success. Everyone’s path is different! 

With the ever-evolving social media landscape, how do you see the role of traditional sports betting analysts evolving?

Claudia: The role of sports betting analysts will always entail having some sort of presence on social media. I think this is crucial to building your brand and connecting with your audience. With the integration of aspects like live betting— I think all analysts should take the opportunity to engage with their followers not just before and after — but during the game — and teach them how to navigate this new way of betting. 

What do women want (in sports betting)?

Claudia: I personally just want to be seen for my work. I don’t like separating myself because of gender. I like to think all women want that. I’m sure we are all sick of the phrase a “male-dominated industry.” All of the women I know in the space are the ones dominating! 



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