Video: Discipline, Trends, and Calculations

Danielle explains how to improve your betting game through discipline, looking at trends, and make calculations.

So far, we’ve mainly covered sports betting basics, and by now you have perhaps tried to give betting a go yourself. If so, let’s take it one step further and talk about how we can improve our betting game.

To be great at sports betting you need some discipline, you need to know your trends and calculate your wins.

Any good bettor will have their own power rating model. This means you rank the teams you are betting on in a way that allows you to predict scores and outcomes.

Let’s walk you through an example. In a ranking, the University of Florida is ranked #3 overall and Ole Miss is ranked #4 overall. In their next game, you have Florida winning 40- 20. You know that taking UF -10 and the OVER 55 is a great bet.

Next up is odds shopping. You want to find the sportsbook that offers you the best number. This is one of the steps that can turn an average bettor into a profitable one.

Then, when you decide to place your bet, you need to know how much money to bet. That’s why bankroll is so important!

You can determine how much you’ll bet by choosing a flat number on each game, a unit size that is a percentage, or just winging it. We don’t recommend the last one 😊

Keeping all of this in mind, it becomes easy to calculate your return on investment. You want to have a defined period with expert record-keeping to know if you are winning or losing money. Only then will you know how you can adjust your betting strategy. In other words, finding your inner accountant will make you a successful bettor


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