Video: Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis considers non-numeric factors that impact a game, such as home-field advantage, weather, player performance, and strategy. It can improve informed betting decisions and increase chances of success.

Now that we know how much we can expect from a bet, let’s think about some analysis we can make before we commit to a wager.

The best handicappers all have one big challenge in common: They have to find factors that have REAL impacts on games. This is why many pro bettors use Fundamental Analysis.

Fundamental Analysis refers to a factor in a sports game that is NOT a number. In other words, it’s qualitative, not quantitative.

For example, when you are betting on a game, here are some fundamental factors you could be analyzing:

  • Which team has home-field advantage and how does it impact the game?
  • What is the weather going to be like, will rain or snow impact how many points are scored?
  • Which team has the highest number of good players?
  • Did one team travel more than the other to play the game? If one team traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast the night before the game, that might impact their performance
  • Is there a particular game strategy or scheme that one team runs that the other team has been proven to be weak against?

… and so on

As you can see – we aren’t necessarily looking at odds or crunching numbers and data to find our answer. Instead, we are looking for different factors that could have an impact on the outcome of a game.

Taking these factors into account can give an edge as a bettor because others might overlook them as they are focused on only comparing stats.

So, before you place your next bet, make a fundamental analysis to improve your chances of winning.


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