Intermediate: Tips & Strategies


Once you understand the fundamentals of sports betting, you’ll soon discover that there is more to it than simply betting on your favorite or player. In this section, we’ll give you a few tips and tricks to become a bettor bettor and increase your changes of hitting some winning bets.

Betting calculator

Calculate how much money you need to wager based on existing odds for each game or match

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis considers non-numeric factors that impact a game, such as home-field advantage, weather, player performance, and strategy. It can improve informed betting decisions and increase chances of success.

Valuable Bets

In this video, our betting expert Danielle explains what to think about when picking a valuable bet at a sportsbook.

Bookmaker Juice

Sportsbooks charge a fee for selling you the bets. This is known as the "juice". Find out what you need to know when placing a bet.

Discipline, Trends, and Calculations

Danielle explains how to improve your betting game through discipline, looking at trends, and make calculations.

Technical Analysis

A technical analysis is the opposite to a fundamental analysis as you analyze at past events and statistics to make educated guesses.