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College Basketball Betting: How To Bet On NCAAB

Understand the basics of betting on college basketball. Tips and betting strategics for games in NCAAB.

Some might say that NCAA Basketball is the best sport to bet on. College basketball piques at the NCAA Tournament time – March Madness! Outside of the Super Bowl, is the biggest sporting event to bet on all season long.

The good part about March Madness is it is nearly a month long. People have had some success just blindly betting on NCAA Basketball. But, if you want to ensure you are in it for the long haul, it is important to understand who and what you are betting on and how it works. 

What do the lines mean? What are the odds? What do they tell us? Those are all things you must know before you start successfully betting on NCAA Basketball long term.

Latest NCAA Betting Odds

Below are the NCAA odds for the next three games (nothing will show if the season hasn’t started yet).


How To Bet On NCAA Basketball: NCAAB Betting Lines And Odds

Let’s go over some of the key terms you should know when you are starting out.

Point Spreads: This is how many points the “favorite” is “supposed” to win, according to oddsmakers. Therefore, if you see a (-), that’s the “favorite.” If you see the Kansas Jayhawks -5 over Duke Blue Devils, this shows that the Jayhawks are a 5-point favorite over the Blue Devils. 

Duke would be the “underdog”. Most point spreads are -110, so for every $110 you bet, you would win $100. If if you took the Jayhawks -5, and they won by $6 and made a $55 – you would win $50.

Totals: This is how many points oddsmakers are projecting to be scored in the game. You then can choose to bet “over” or “under” that number. This is the COMBINED points for both teams. 

So if the Kansas Jayhawks/Duke Blue Devils total was 150.5, anything at 151 or more is the “OVER,” while anything at 150 or less is the “UNDER.” These are also -110 with the “juice” that the sportsbook takes. $110 to win $100.

Moneyline Bets: This is just a straight bet on who will win the game.  So if you see Kansas Jayhawks -200 and Duke Blue Devils +175, that is what the payout would be. Therefore, Kansas just simply winning the game over Duke, no matter what the final score difference is. 

For Kansas at -200, you would have to bet $200 to win $100, as they are the “favorite.” But, Duke as the underdog, at +175, it would just take a $100 bet to win $175 if they won the game.

There are three different formats for odds when betting on NCAA Basketball –  American, Decimal, and Fractional.

American: Here you will see a number +150 or -150. This is how you determine your moneyline bet. 

Fractional Odds: When you get fractional odds, you multiply the fraction showing by the amount you bet to show a winning profit of your bet.

Decimal: These odds vary because they will show the amount you would win, which includes the original bet. These are shown one number, which would be the amount you win on a $1 bet. So 2.25 would be $2.25 for every $1. 3.35 = $3.35 for every $1 wagered.

Calculate your own bets using our odds calculator.

Other Popular NCAA Basketball Betting Types

There are numerous popular NCAA Basketball betting options available for you to consider. Here are a few:

  1. NCAA Champion Betting Odds: This type of bet can be placed before the season starts. Oddsmakers analyze team rosters and offseason moves to assign odds to each team’s chances of winning the championship. These odds may also be updated during the season based on team performance. For example: Kansas +800, North Carolina +1200, Duke +1500, etc.
  1. Conference Title Winner Odds: Just like the previous bets, this one involves selecting the team you believe will win their respective conference title.  Conferences such as the Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, SEC, etc., will have odds to win the conference, and you can wager ahead of the season or even during the season.
  1. National Player of the Year Odds:  You can place bets on the player you think will be named the National Player of the Year before or during the season. This option allows you to anticipate standout performances.
  1. Freshman of the Year Odds: Before the season commences, you can bet on a newcomer player with an exceptional debut season. This is a chance to capitalize on your insights about players who might exceed oddsmakers’ expectations.

There is a plethora of game props to consider within College Basketball. Engaging with a game prop involves placing a bet on specific occurrences within the game. To illustrate, in a hypothetical matchup between the North Carolina Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils, you might encounter opportunities to wager on scenarios such as:

  • Jerry Stackhouse surpassing or falling below 9.5 rebounds
  • Grant Hill scoring above or below 32.5 points
  • Zion Williamson achieving more or less than 7.5 assists

Within the realm of NCAA Basketball betting, parlays and teasers also come into play. Parlays, in particular, have gained popularity due to their ability to amalgamate multiple bets into a single wager. 

Rather than receiving separate payouts for each individual bet, parlaying them together offers the prospect of a larger payout. It’s important to note, however, that the challenge with parlays lies in the requirement to win ALL the component bets within the parlay to secure a victory.

Teaser bets are another common option. Here, bettors adjust the point spread by purchasing additional points, often combining at least two bets within the teaser. For instance, imagine the Kansas Jayhawks were favored by -3, and the total score was set at 155.5 against Baylor. 

Employing a standard teaser might involve purchasing 6 points. This adjustment could shift the Jayhawks spread to +1 and the total score to UNDER 153.5. Notably, both the spread and the total points require correct predictions to succeed in a teaser.

Lastly, live betting has risen in popularity over time. Engaging in live betting demands close proximity to your device and sportsbook, as it involves placing bets in real-time during a game. 

This method permits betting on end-of-quarter, halftime, or full-game outcomes, as well as total points for the specified periods or even upcoming specific plays. While live betting presents advantages, it necessitates attentive observation and strategic decision-making to achieve sustainable profitability in the long run.

How to Bet on NCAA Basketball: Frequently Asked Questions

Engaging in NCAA Basketball betting presents its challenges, as it’s far from a simple endeavor. If it were effortless, a multitude of individuals would be amassing substantial earnings through wagers. 

However, it’s important to emphasize that the NCAA Basketball operates impartially; while past instances of referee and player misconduct exist, the league’s entirety is not systematically biased.

Navigating NCAA Basketball betting demands a combination of patience, determination, and astuteness. Unless you’re directly affiliated with a team as a player, coach, trainer, etc., NBA betting remains legally permissible in the United States. Responsible betting within one’s financial means remains crucial. In the United States, it’s mandatory to place bets through legal onshore sportsbooks, as offshore options lack legal validity. 

The country boasts numerous legitimate and secure sportsbooks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The process of deposits and withdrawals has significantly improved due to the legalization of sports betting, alleviating many prior concerns.

As mentioned earlier, pivotal terms for NCAA Basketball betting encompass:

  • Point Spreads: Reflecting the team’s favoritism or underdog status by a certain point margin.
  • Moneyline: Indicates the potential winnings from betting on a specific team.
  • Total: Represents the combined points scored in the game.

Top NCAA Basketball Betting Sites: Best Online Sportsbooks For NFL Betting Lines

One of the most valuable pointers for engaging in NCAA Basketball betting is to diligently seek out the most favorable lines and odds on offer. Achieving this objective necessitates discovering a trustworthy, user-friendly sportsbook that is consistently accessible. Broadening the spectrum of reliable sportsbooks can significantly enhance the likelihood of securing improved odds.

The gradual legalization process has effectively eradicated many of the concerns that existed prior to PASPA. United States sportsbook markets now operate under rigorous regulations, thereby instilling greater confidence in bettors before they commence their wagering activities.

When embarking on your sportsbook journey, the initial step involves ensuring the platform holds a complete license and adheres to regulation standards. Additionally, assessing the diversity of payout and deposit options is paramount. Adequate betting opportunities and accessible customer service should also be integral features of your chosen platform. Prior to entrusting any funds, it’s essential to scrutinize these facets.

In the United States, DraftKings and FanDuel have emerged as premier choices, while Caesars, BetMGM, BetRivers, WynnBet, and PointsBet are all reputable and legitimate alternatives. 

While some are accessible across most legal states, others may necessitate verifying their legality and availability in the specific state from which you’re betting.

Basic Tips For Becoming A Sharper NCAA Basketball Bettor

Embarking on NCAA Basketball betting will reveal an astonishing wealth of information at your disposal. If your intention is to establish yourself as a triumphant sports bettor in the realm of NAA Basketball, it’s imperative to allocate time towards comprehensive research on teams and players.

Familiarity with coaches, their tendencies, team dynamics, favorable matchups, and challenging adversaries is paramount. Grasp their strategies concerning player rotations and discern whether key players are on the court or resting due to recent exertion. 

The crux of the matter lies in this consistent message: diligently research teams and players. Absorb articles, monitor social media updates, watch games firsthand, and listen to insights.

Effective bankroll management is another indispensable facet of excelling as an NCAA Basketball bettor. Recognize that NCAA Basketball betting is rarely a pathway to instant wealth. While such success is plausible, the alternative—rapid financial decline due to hasty NCAA Basketball bets—is even more feasible. 

Comprehend the enduring nature of the NCAA Basketball season; it’s a grind. Betting on every game or daily is unnecessary. Skillfully manage your bankroll, comprehending what this entails. Determine your betting limits and adhere to your pre-established strategy.

Shield yourself from emotional wagers. Although having a favorite team might evoke strong sentiments, placing bets driven by emotion isn’t conducive to sustained NCAA Basketball betting success. Avoid the pitfall of chasing losses, too. 

Accept the occasional defeat, move forward, and anticipate the next opportunity. Resist the urge to double down on bets in a bid to recoup losses.  Remember, NCAA Basketball betting is a marathon, not a sprint.

Precisely documenting all your wagers is paramount. Assess what strategies have proven effective and what lessons you’ve learned from missteps. You can undertake this tracking process independently or utilize online tracking tools. The comprehensive documentation of your wagers, including amounts, timing, and selections, will emerge as a valuable asset as you progress on this journey.

How To Bet On The NCAA Tournament

Betting on NCAA Basketball and the NCAA Tournament is one of the biggest events in all of sports. Betting on the NCAA Tournament is something you can do for basically an entire month. March Madness betting is very prevalent in the United States!

March Madness will get started in late February with conference tournament action. For two weeks, there are conference tournament games and a ton of games each and every night. There are also numerous games during the day.

Once the conference tournament is over, the selection committee then gets the NCAA tournament to 68 teams. There are four play-in games to get the tournament to 64. That then brings six rounds of NCAA Tournament play. The first round shows 16 games all day on Thursday and 16 games on Friday. The second round shows eight games all day on Saturday and Sunday.

The NCAA Tournament takes a few days off and gets back to it on Thursday again in the Sweet 16. There are four games on Thursday and Friday, then two on Saturday and Sunday to reach the Final Four.

The final four games are played the following Saturday, and then the National Title game is on the Monday after. All of these games are heavily voted on, with a point spread, a moneyline, and a total. There are also many side contests involved in the NCAA Tournament.

How to Bet on NCAA Basketball Games Online Legally

Sports betting has been granted legal status in over 30 states within the United States. It’s crucial to distinguish between its online and in-person legality. In-person sports betting involves physical sportsbooks where bettors can place their wagers at windows or using kiosks.

Currently, 33 states permit in-person betting, and the option for online betting is available in 25 states. Two states are presently in the process of legalizing both online and in-person sports betting. Additionally, two states are actively seeking approval exclusively for online sports betting, while another state is awaiting validation for in-person sports betting.

The subsequent states neither allow in-person nor online sports betting:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah

Prior to depositing funds with a sportsbook, it’s recommended to perform a quick verification to ensure that the chosen sportsbook possesses the requisite sports betting license and adheres to regulations. This preemptive measure is designed to guarantee a secure and compliant betting experience.

Tips To Know Before Betting On NCAA Basketball Games

Returning to the topic of NCAA Basketball betting, let’s delve into a few more essential insights to consider before embarking on your journey:

  1. Embrace Line Movement Understanding: Grasp the significance of line movement and why it carries weight. Question why these shifts occur. Behind every move, there’s a rationale—a strategic play from bookmakers or a surge of money on a particular side. Delve into the “why” behind line movements and trends. Don’t merely follow blindly; seek to comprehend the driving factors.
  1. Stay Informed about Injuries: Injuries significantly impact NCAA Basketball games. Acquiring knowledge about these potential absences is paramount before placing a bet. You might even have insights before sportsbooks adjust their odds. While it’s daring to challenge oddsmakers, there are advantages to staying ahead of the curve. Stay updated on injury reports; they can influence your NCAA Basketball betting strategy.
  1. Home and Away Dynamics: Although the weather doesn’t influence indoor NCAA Basketball games, the location does matter. Teams often display distinct performances at home versus away. Some teams thrive in their own arena, while others struggle on the road. Familiarize yourself with these tendencies rooted in in-game locations. It can provide valuable context when evaluating potential bets.
  1. Start Small as a New Bettor: If you’re new to sports betting, err on the side of caution and begin with smaller wagers if uncertainties linger. You might grasp the basics, but starting small allows you to navigate the process without undue risk. As you build your bankroll and gain confidence, you can gradually reassess and adjust your unit sizes accordingly.

By internalizing these insights, you’re better equipped to navigate the nuances of NCAA basketball betting. Understanding line movements, staying attuned to injury news, recognizing home and away trends, and taking measured steps as a novice all contribute to a more informed and strategic approach to NCAA Basketball betting.

So, There You Have It – Ready To Give College Basketball Betting a Go?

Regarding NCAA Basketball betting, the experience is more than just an enjoyable pursuit – it’s a realm brimming with potential profitability. The avenue to success in NCAA Basketball betting is paved with strategic thinking and intelligent approaches.

Triumphant bettors are adept at astute bankroll management, meticulously scrutinize teams, players, and coaching dynamics, and exercise discernment when placing their bets. They maximize their advantage by leveraging multiple trusted sportsbooks, capitalizing on the most advantageous odds available. 

Their expertise shines as they steer clear of pitfalls, avoiding unfavorable parlays when the odds don’t align in their favor.

As you embark on your journey of NCAA Basketball betting, it’s crucial to uphold responsible betting practices. Immersing yourself in the intricacies of teams, the league, and the art of effective betting is essential. Nurture a mindset of perpetual learning and adaptation. With every wager you place, aim to bring fresh insights to the table and adapt your strategies accordingly. 

Sometimes, these adjustments are subtle; on other occasions, a complete overhaul might be necessary. Yet, the ultimate goal remains constant: to yield profitable returns by engaging in intelligent NCAA Basketball betting.


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