Sunny Hampton: “I Want To Educate Women in Sports Betting”

Sunny helps you tell your boyfriend what he should bet on. She also inspires a conversation about how good women have become at picking the right bet!
Sunny Hampton

This week, we hung out with Sunny from Sunnys Money to chat about guiding other gals on their sports betting adventures. In her cool “Tell your boyfriend” column, Sunny gives women the lowdown on sports betting with a playful vibe. Every time I check out Sunny’s stuff, I’m like, “Yep, totally get it.” We might not see eye to eye on the best NFL team (Hawkeyes, who?), but we’re definitely on the same page when it comes to helping ladies get the hang of sports betting.

About: Sunny Hampton is a sports betting influencer active on IG, TikTok, and Twitter. Sunny has over 50,000 followers and she gives picks to make you sound knowledgeable. She created #SunnyMoneys to share her love for sports and betting!

First of all, congrats on your success with your social media channels! Last I checked you had over 50,000 followers! What prompted you to start posting sports and betting videos online? 

Sunny Hampton

Sunny: Aw, thank you so much! In college, I would tell my girlfriends to text their boyfriends my picks, and their boyfriends would always respond, “WTF, who are you with?

Are you cheating on me? How do you know what that means? etc” and we always got a good laugh out of it.

When TikTok came around, I posted about the Superbowl “Text your boyfriend, are you taking the Chiefs -3.5 or the Bucs moneyline” and all the girls were dueting it, and boyfriends were SO CONFUSED! It went viral, and since then I’ve just continued to do it while also trying to educate women on how to place their own bets.

How did you learn about sports betting? What tips do you have for those who are starting out? Can you share some of the key principles or strategies that you have adapted?

Sunny: I actually started sports betting with my dad growing up going to Iowa Hawkeye Football games. He would always ask me if I thought Iowa would win by x amount of points and how many total points would be scored. This was how I originally learned what spreads and over/unders are. 

For people that are new to sports betting, I would recommend just picking a team that you already like or one that’s close to where you live, and just starting with small bets. It makes it more fun to cheer for games and want your team to win with a little money on the line!

My main strategy is to pick a few teams that I like, or players on specific teams, and ride with them. I typically never bet against my hometown Iowa Hawkeyes, and that goes good some years and terrible other years LOL. 

You know a ton about football and basketball, but are you also interested in other sports? Which sports and leagues do you find the easiest to bet on? How do you stay updated on the latest trends in sports? Can you name some of the outlets that you think bettors should read or follow?

Sunny: I love watching and betting on all sports. I really enjoy betting on Golf because watching it without a bet is incredibly boring. I also bet on Hockey because the Colorado Avs are really fun to watch and cheer on. I’ll also bet on baseball if I’m going to the games

Football is probably the easiest for me to bet on but that’s because I know it the best and really try and study the lines and learn the patterns of how the games will “typically” go. 

I listen to Pardon My Take every week, which is a really fun and easy way to stay on top of trends and sports. It feels like I’m hanging out with my friends. I also read Twitter, scroll TikTok and get ESPN push notifications. Every time there’s something happening in the Sports World, I want to know about it ASAP!

One of your partners is Betway – a sportsbook we also partner with – how did that relationship come about? Do you have plans to collaborate with other sportsbooks in the future? 

Sunny: I love partnering with Betway! Right now, they are the only sportsbook I am working with and have loved every second of it. I’m open to other opportunities in the future! 

What is your goal with the #SunnysMoney series and what are your personal aspirations for the future? 

Sunny: My #1 goal with Sunny’s Moneys is to help women become more educated when it comes to sports and sports betting. It makes hanging out with your dad, boyfriend, friends, etc. enjoyable when they are watching the games. You don’t have to know much to pick a team, bet on them and cheer them on!

I really hope to go to the Super Bowl someday with a brand or sportsbook, so until that happens, I’m just going to keep working towards that. It’s definitely my passion project and side hustle, and I am so grateful for the followers that have decided to ride with me every step of the way!

Finally, (and we ask all our betting ladies this): what do women want in sports betting?

Sunny: I think we want what everyone wants: to watch our teams win and win some frickin’ MONEYYYY!!! GO



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